1ZPRESSO Coffee Grinder ZPRO [Hand Grinding Mortar Type Coffee Mill] Adjustment Dial Stainless Steel Coffee Bean Grinding

[Overwhelming sharpness]
The use of a high-density stainless steel blade and high-performance metal bearings minimizes blurring. [Uniform particle size] Achieves world-class high-accuracy uniform particle size with extremely small amount of fine powder.
[Discerning design]
The convenient adjustment dial is designed on the outside to make it easy to use. Attention is also paid to designs that are easy for women to hold. [Long use] It can be easily disassembled, so you can keep it clean forever.
Overall width: 170mm / Height: 185mm / Body width: 60mm
for coffee barista Japan champion] Ultra-high-performance grinder is compact and portable. This is the finest hand-ground coffee grinder that anyone can easily enjoy the professional coffee. The heart blade is made of stainless steel with high specific gravity and density, so the best sharpness and fine powder are minimized and the coffee beans always have a clear taste.
[Recommended for gifts and gifts] Among various coffee grinders and coffee mills, this product is definitely a gem that can change your coffee life for the best time! Please use it for gifts and presents.

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