Logic BK-ECOID [BIO-KEY fingerprint reader ECOID]

Outstanding functionality and smart Do you use your password to unlock your computer? Or do you lock anything? This product can unlock the PC by fingerprint authentication. It is an item that can make the usual operation a little smarter and more convenient. Detailed functions that you will not forget even with smart design As we install slipper on the back side, we prevent slipping at the time of fingerprint authentication. Although it is a small part, it is a very useful function if it exists. Just touch your finger on the sensor and it's OK Easy operation because there is no need to slide. Just connect it to your PC using the included cord. Easy setting method
1. Insert the fingerprint reader into the USB port of your PC and Windows Update will automatically install the appropriate driver software.
2. Click the Microsoft Start menu and click Settings.
3. Click on your account and select a sign-in option.
4. Click on Windows Hello fingerprint authentication setup.
5. Click Start on the Welcome to Windows Hello screen. You will be prompted to enter a PIN. Enter the set PIN. If you have not yet set a PIN, you can do so here.
6. Scan or touch your finger to Windows Hello depending on the type of fingerprint reader. Let me read the fingerprint of the finger to be registered.
7. When all fingerprints are registered, click Close.

This completes fingerprint registration. The next time you sign in to Windows, you can use your fingerprint reader. Easy to carry because of its compact design There should be a lot of people who carry and use laptop computers. Items that fit in a PC bag are just right. This fingerprint reader is so compact that it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. No need to worry about squeezing storage space even if you put it in your bag.

Supported OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 Set contents: Fingerprint reader body * 1, PC connection cable * 1, Japanese manual * 1

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