Fingerprint authentication type smart padlock "TOUCHLOCK" (touch lock) that does not require a key XL (BIG) IP54 Waterproof and dustproof design Silver

[Strong padlock] It looks like a fashionable accessory, but the touch lock is a fingerprint authentication type smart padlock that can be unlocked using biometric authentication. High security level is achieved by embedded system technology and advanced encryption algorithm. There is no need to carry a key or keep track of your PIN, and once you register your fingerprint, you can unlock it just by touching it with the sensor. [IP54 waterproof / dustproof design] The strong design allows it to be used in large outdoor gates and warehouses. Because it is durable and waterproof, it is strong against rain and wind. [In various places ...] As a locker for schools and workplaces, as a key for gates, entrances, outdoor warehouses and apartments, to prevent theft of business bags containing valuables and important documents, and as a key hook carabiner, outdoors It can be used in various places such as when sharing tents with friends such as festivals and camps. [Up to 20 people can be registered] Up to 20 fingerprints can be registered, so it is more convenient if you register the fingerprints of all unlocking people! It can also be connected to a Windows PC with the included USB cable and unlocked or reset using an application. [Product size] 75mm x 50mm [Unlocking method] (1) Push the lock part 1 (2) Apply the registered fingerprint to the center (2) Complete unlocking

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