Logic CLUG Bicycle stand [Tire fixing Security / theft prevention for indoor use] Small size S

[World's smallest bicycle stand]
Why don't you decorate your car indoors and enjoy it as a stylish interior? "CLUG" was developed by Canadian designers with a focus on space saving. The finished product has become the smallest bicycle stand in the world. Protects your bike from theft and rain and wind at the palm size.
[Easy installation]
(1) Check tire size
(2) Drill holes on wall with electric drill etc. (Only when the wall to be installed is brick or concrete)
(3) Fix the body to the wall with the attached screws
(4) After Just fix the bicycle tires! [
Protect bicycle]
Many bicycle stands fix the frame to the wall, but doing so may damage the frame. "CLUG" is a type to fix the tire, so the frame will not be scratched. * Be sure to install the rear wheel on the ground. There is a risk of falling.
[Color variation]
White X orange white X green white X blue white X black (all four colors)
[Set contents]
Main body x 1, Mounting screw x 2, Plug x 2, Outer box x 1, Instruction manual x 1,
[Product size]
Small size: Body size 42mm x 42mm x 32mm Tire width Approx. : Body size 58mm x 58mm x 39mm Tire width about 33mm ~ 42mm Large size: Body size 82mm x 82mm x 51mm Tire width about 43mm ~ 62mm

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