EGEETOUCH Easy Touch Padlock Waterproof Smart Pad Lock [NFC BLUETOOTH Compatible] Security Theft Prevention (Short Shackle LG-GT2100-S)

[Waterproof smart padlock]
A high security lock that can be used outdoors that can be selected from various unlocking methods "Waterproof Smart Padlock" An excellent one that can be unlocked with one touch with a smartphone! It is a smart padlock with super-high security and convenient waterproofing that is easy to use without a key. With this padlock, you don't have to worry about leaving or losing your keys, and you don't have to write down your PIN.
[Equipped with IP45 waterproof function]
This is the most advanced smart padlock that can be used outdoors. It can be used for large outdoor gates and warehouses, rocker bikes and bicycles, fences and garage keys. It is made strong against rain and wind.
[One touch! Selectable unlocking methods]
1. NFC Smart Tag 2. Smartphone 3. Smart Watch eGeeTouch Smart Padlock with Bluetooth connection or NFC connection can use various unlocking methods.
[Various useful functions]
By linking with iOS and Android applications, you can unlock smartphones and smart watches. In addition, since the access history browsing function is installed, the history of "when" "where" "who" can be confirmed. In addition, it is equipped with convenient functions such as earthquake resistance, freezing prevention and antiseptic functions. It is a very useful item that can be charged via USB. [Product Specifications]
Body material: Zinc alloy Dust and waterproof performance (IP): IP45 Software compatible Ver: iOS 8.0 Android OS 4.4 or later Body weight: Approx. 250 g Body dimensions: 88.2 mm x 50.8 mm x 32.4 mm Shackle part: Diameter: 8 mm Vertical clearance: 32.5mm Horizontal clearance: 20.6mm [Accessories] Instruction manual x 1 NFC smart tag x 1

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