Logic Multi Smartphone Case Notebook Type Leather L Size Black All 3 Colors Strap Hole Included Card Storage Magnet Flap Storage Stand Function Convenient Stylish Design

[Simple look. Enhanced functions]
・ Strap hole included
・ Card storage space
・ Magnet flap
[I carry it with my smartphone]
It is full of cards that are indispensable in everyday life, such as commuter passes and licenses. It is attractive that you can carry such essential items with your precious smartphone. There are a total of 3 storage places to store your important cards
[Amazing guy who doesn't choose a smartphone]
・ Slide type strong adhesive pad ・ We can photograph without trouble
[I can take a break together]
Equipped with a convenient stand function when watching videos. It is a smartphone case that pursues ease of use even in small parts. [Compatible smartphone size]
(Approx.) Up to 16cm long x 8.0cm wide x 1.1cm high.
[Compatible models]
iPhone6 Plus / 6s Plus, Xperia Z5 Premium SO-03H, Google Nexus 6P etc ...

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