Logic Omni Pillow Omnidirectional Pillow [Travel / Business Trip / Sleep Goods] Fluffy Sticky Neck Pillow (2 Colors) Gray x Black

[Omnidirectional cushion] It is an omnidirectional cushion with a cute donut shape. It is soft and fluffy, and it feels very good and won't get stuffy when used for a long time. It is an excellent product that can be used in various places and its usage is various. [Overwhelming elasticity] There is a secret to the elasticity that supports sleep. The contents are packed tightly with beads, wrapping around the entire 361 ° C and firmly supporting the neck and back of the head to remove fatigue. [Various places] Ideal for long-distance business trips, overseas travel, domestic travel. As a neck pillow for naps in offices and homes when traveling on various vehicles such as airplanes, bullet trains, cars, buses, etc. We also recommend that you give it to yourself or to your family and friends. [Even as an eye mask] The biggest feature of this cushion is that it can be used as an eye mask. Fluffy cushions fix your head and darken your field of vision, making it very easy to sleep. [Product size] Approx. 250mm x Approx. 300mm [Color] Black / Blue (2 colors)

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