ロジック コンセントPLUSU 海外用 交換アダプター [A/C/O/BF・150ヶ国対応] USB付 マルチ変換プラグ 収納ポーチ付 充電器 スマホ 携帯電話 デジカメ ビデオカメラ ノートパソコン スマホ 充電 タブレット 4タイプのコンセントに対応 便利グッズ 海外旅行 iphone android

[Outlet multi conversion plug for using electrical appliances overseas] Did you know that Japanese outlets and overseas outlets are different? It is a must-have item when using or charging a charger, mobile phone, digital camera, video camera, laptop, etc. overseas! [Can be used in 150 countries around the world! ]
Available in 150 countries around the world, including the top 50 major destinations such as the US, Korea, China, and Europe. There is no need to replace conversion plugs depending on the destination. [Compatible with 4 types of outlets]
Supports all 4 types of outlet types: A type, C type, O type and BF type. One body can be easily expanded to three parts. Compatible with iPhone X / 8/7/6, Samsung S8 / S7, Xiaomi Mix2, Huawei Mate 10, Meizu, Tablet PC, Digital Camera, Hair Dryer and many other devices.
[With convenient storage case]
Comes with a travel pouch for storing the main unit, which is convenient to carry in a suitcase or bag.
[Product contents]
-Overseas travel adapter-Portable travel pouch included
[Product specifications]
-AC: 6A Max. 100-240Vac 50 / 60Hz USB: 2100mA Max. + 5Vdc-Weight: about 100g-Size: about W67 x H56 x D49mm-Warranty: 6 months [Note] * This product is for overseas use only and cannot be used in Japan. At the time of your order, we will assume that you have agreed to "Do not use in Japan".

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