Logic STANDHUG (stand hug) Unique smartphone stand with bills [angle-adjustable for various smartphones / tablets] mobile stand desktop (5 colors) green

[Suggested smartphone stand]
Convenient item with stylish and unique bill design and functionality. For those who frequently use smartphones for play or work, a smartphone stand that can be placed upright on the smartphone is very convenient. It exists not only as a stand but also as a room interior.
[Adjustable angle]
You can easily adjust the angle just by changing the position supported by the "hand" such as the lower, middle, and upper parts of the smartphone. You can fine-tune the angle to suit various situations, such as at the office or at home, while cooking in the kitchen or watching videos while relaxing. When you go out on a trip or business trip, you can play an active part in various places such as airplanes and bullet trains.
[Tablets are OK! ]
The size is about 16cm, so that it can be used with most smartphones. Of course, it can also be used in landscape orientation, so it is very easy to see when watching videos. Depending on how you place it, you can also support a tablet-type terminal, so you can check items during work on a large screen.
[Recommended for gifts]
Cute, unique design and colors available in black, white, pink, green and blue. It will be delivered in a well-built package, so it's a great gift for family, friends, lovers or business colleagues.
[Product size]
Approx. W95mm x H116mm x D42mm [Weight] Approx. 60g [Material] Plastic / TPU

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