Logic SELFO (Selfie Stick Selfie Monopod with Remote Control Shutter) Selfie Stick (5 Colors) Black

[With remote control shutter]
You can shoot yourself remotely. Since there is also a mirror on the back, shooting with the rear camera is also a kano.
[Charging unnecessary]
There is no need to worry about running out of batteries by using a cable.
[Three points fixed]
Fixed firmly at three points [Holder height] 10.0-16.5cm [Holder (width)] 5.5-8.7cm [Stretch width] 23.5-100.5cm [Stretch stage] 7 stages [Weight] 160g [Maximum load weight] 500g [Main material] Stainless steel
[Compatible models]
iOS 5.01 or higher, Android 4.3 or higher (* Android is limited to smartphones with a function that can assign the volume button to the shutter function)

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