Logic Synapse Smartphone Multi Ballpoint Pen Multifunctional [Ballpoint Pen, Touch Pen, Smartphone Stand, LCD Cleaner] 4IN1 Stylus Pen (6 colors) Green

[Innovative 4 functions]
It looks like a normal ballpoint pen, but it is not just a ballpoint pen. 1. Ballpoint pen
2. Stylus pen
3. Smartphone stand
4. LCD cleaner, an innovative ballpoint pen equipped with these four functions.
[Easy switching]
The feature of this product is that switching between ballpoint pen and stylus pen can be done very easily. A common ballpoint pen centering action can be switched by simply flicking. There is no need to swap the top and bottom of the pen, remove parts or perform any cumbersome operations.
[Change to smartphone stand]
You can also use the smartphone as a smartphone stand by sandwiching the smartphone between the flicks of the pen. This is a useful function that can be useful for a short time.
[As a liquid crystal cleaner]
The aim was to eliminate waste and give every part a function. Felt fabric is used for the flicks, which is effective as a smartphone liquid crystal cleaner.
[Product size]
Full length: 145mm Flick: 50mm Width: 15mm
[Ink color / thickness] Black / 0.7mm [Material] Aluminum / PU [Weight] 9.8g

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